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School Year Swing
Air Date: 08/05/2015
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School Year Swing

WILLIE GEIST, reporting:

It’s getting to be that time of year - school is just around the corner. Start this year off on the right foot by preparing now. Get your child’s sleep schedule on track. Start setting the alarm for the school day, not summer break. Getting sleepy heads up and at ‘em will make those school-day mornings easier to handle. That means going to bed on time too! Set aside time before bed to lay out clothes and pack backpacks to keep the morning moving smoothly. And designate a spot in your home near the door to organize everything your child needs to take to school. Use bins or hooks for items like homework, books, lunch boxes, umbrellas, or coats. You’ll be out the door and on the way to school in no time and hassle-free.