Larouche Candidates Stage Shocking Wins in Illinois State Races

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Uninformed Chicago voters, who said they voted for a name not a candidate, have forced Adlai Stevenson, Democratic candidate for governor, to run with the Larouche candidate on the same ticket.



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Larouche Candidates Stage Shocking Wins in Illinois State Races

TOM BROKAW, anchoring:

Who is this man, and what is he trying to tell us about politics in Illinois? His name is Mark Fairchild and he is a backer of the right-wing extremist, Lyndon Larouche. He was also a surprise winner in the Illinois Democratic Primary election. NBC’s Cassandra Clayton reports that party leaders in Illinois are in a state of shock tonight.


The Lyndon Larouche candidates didn’t appear at all surprised that they had pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in Illinois history. Twenty-eight-year-old Mark Fairchild is the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

MARK FAIRCHILD (Democrat, Illinois Lt. Gov. nominee): So there’s a rebellion revolt against the, you know, so-called endorsed candidates and it was also because we got our policies out.

CLAYTON: Janice Hart won the slot for Secretary of State.

JANICE HART (Democrat, Secretary of State nominee): And we’re going to make sure that every citizen is armed with reason and with beauty. And that citizen is going to be morally compelled to hang traitors.

CLAYTON: Two outsiders on the statewide Democratic ticket has party regulars shocked and dismayed.

CAL SUTKER (Democrat, State Chairman): To me, it’s shocking. The Larouche element is outside of the framework of our party.

CLAYTON: Lyndon Larouche, long associated with extreme right-wing causes, has made three unsuccessful runs for president of the United States. He is expected to field hundreds of local and statewide candidates this year, all over the country. Some Illinois voters said today, they voted for a name not a candidate.

Woman: The Democratic Party had not publicized who was their candidate was, and I really did not know who I was voting for.

Man: I basically never heard of either and just voted.

CLAYTON: The upset presents a serious problem for Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic candidate for governor, who now has Fairchild as a running mate. Some Democrats hope they can find a legal technicality with which to disqualify Fairchild.

Stevenson spent most of the day with his advisors, trying to figure out what to do. The choices: form a third party, or stay on the ticket and run with Fairchild. But whatever he decides, party officials admit, the already tough race to unseat Republican governor Jim Thompson, just got tougher. Cassandra Clayton, NBC News, Chicago.