Affordability of Public Transit

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In March 2015, King County Metro Transit in Washington State started a transit fare program tied to income called Orca Lift. The move sparks a debate about implementing similar programs in other areas of the country, This video is a part of a Meet the Press series called, "Meet the Next."



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Affordibility of Public Transit

CHUCK TODD, anchor:  

It's hard not to get down on the government when we see dysfunction play out on our TVs every day, frankly sometimes at every level of government.  So we’d like to take a moment to start a new feature here on Meet the Press. We’re calling it “Meet the Next”. Maybe the next inspiring or interesting or even controversial idea that’s popping up in communities, local governments, perhaps even businesses.  How are they trying to solve some vexing problems? So one idea that caught our eye this week comes out of the Seattle area. Back in March, King County Metro Transit started a fare program that’s tied to income.  It's called Orca Lift.  If your income is less than double the poverty line, you qualify for reduced bus fare of $1.50, down from the normal fair of $2.50. More than 10,000 people have signed up for the program since it started. San Francisco has had a similar program for years.  But we were surprised more cities haven't tried it, especially when we talk about income inequality all the time.  Is this a good way of doing things, by the way?  What do you think of this idea?  Is it the right approach or the wrong approach? We’re going to bring you more ideas like this in the coming weeks and months.  So share your thoughts about this idea on our Facebook page.  But also, give us ideas that you think we should be featuring on the show.  So go check it out on our Facebook page where you can find it.