Kuwaitis Struggle With Loss at End of Gulf War

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After Kuwait City is liberated at the end of the Gulf War, several families continue to struggle as many have had family members abducted by the Iraqi soldiers.



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Kuwaitis Struggle With Loss at End of Gulf War

TOM BROKAW, anchor:

Here in Kuwait City, nearly everyone has a nightmare story about the Iraqi occupation. Some apparently were exaggerated. There is no evidence of mass executions and there is some doubt about the number of babies pulled from incubators, but other stories are too real and NBC’s Brad Willis tonight is with a typical family.

BRAD WILLIS, reporting:

The damage to the city goes far beyond what you see here, but despite all of the destruction, the burned and bombed homes and businesses, Kuwait will be rebuilt. The far more difficult task will be restoring shattered lives.

UNKNOWN MAN: We’ve been living here for the last six months with no food, no water, no electricity. We don’t know what to do. We are hiding here under this place but this last Friday, a soldier of the Iraqi’s, they break into the house and they get in and they take my two brothers and for the last few days we don’t know where they are, where they go. We never hear the news about them.

WILLIS: A brother and sister-in-law, still too afraid to give their names, or show their faces.

UNKNOWN WOMAN: I tell him please don’t go outside. You and your brother, anything, don’t go. No need anything. No need food, no need anything. Just stay with me, with my children.

WILLIS: Just days ago, she says, Iraqi soldiers found them, and took her husband prisoner.

UNKNOWN WOMAN: I think for future my children! What do you…how do I stay with no husband! What do I make my children? My daughter, my son.

WILLIS: Only now, with the liberation of Kuwait City, have they ventured outside, but for this family, there is no celebration of freedom. The war isn’t over until they can account for their missing loved ones.

UNKNOWN WOMAN: Why I see my country, nice country, why make horrible like this? I don’t know! Why? I think, why? Why make it horrible like this?

WILLIS: Brad Willis, NBC News, Kuwait City.