Super Tank: XM1 Abrams Debuts

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The U.S. Army reveals the new XM1 supertank, but is forced to answer questions about its performance.



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Super Tank: XM1 Abrams Debuts

TOM BROKAW, co-host:

The Chrysler Corporation in this country has delivered a newly designed tank to the Army, but there is a controversy about the tank’s performance. The first of the new models were turned over to the Army in Lima, Ohio and Denise Baker was there.

DENISE BAKER reporting:

Workers in Lima, Ohio will build 110 XM1s this year. The army says the so-called super tanks will give it an edge in ground fighting it doesn’t have now. But at a news conference at the plant, representatives of the Army and Chrysler had to defend the super tank’s performance in test runs where treads fell off and turbine engines disintegrated after ingesting too much dust.

Gen. EDWARD MEYER: I will promise everyone here that we are going to have a certain things that will occur that are going to have to be corrected. That has happened in the production of every tank and every other system that has been brought in, but we’re satisfied that it’s reached the stage today that we ought to bring it in.

BAKER: The first XM1s off the line were brought in with a full-scale production. Christening was handled by the widow of Gen. Creighton Abrams, to whom the tank is dedicated. It was proved conclusively that armor can at least withstand a champagne bottle. The super tank represents the Army’s most expensive investment in the future. Each XM1 will cost $1.1 million. And despite the criticism, the Pentagon insists it is worth it to have a tank that it says, “is faster and more accurate than anything the Russians have.” Denise Baker, NBC News Lima, Ohio.