Bob Dole's Temper May Get Him into Trouble with Voters

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NBC's Lisa Myers reports that some of Bob Dole's staffers worry his nasty exchange with George H.W. Bush after the 1988 New Hampshire primary will have a negative impact with some voters.



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Bob Dole’s Temper May Get Him Into Trouble With Voters

TOM BROKAW, anchor:

Nobody was calling George Bush a wimp today, not after he showed that he could trounce Bob Dole in New Hampshire by 9 percentage points and leave all the others far behind. As a result of New Hampshire however, the fight between Bush and Bob Dole has heated up again, and as NBC’s Lisa Myers reports, now is getting to be very nasty.

LISA MYERS, reporting:

Bush went to his campaign headquarters to thank all the staff and volunteers who worked around the clock since his Iowa defeat.

Vice President GEORGE H.W. BUSH: And there’s something wonderful about fighting back in life, and it’s not just to prove somebody else wrong, it’s just to show that we’re hanging in there.

MYERS: Dole says he lost New Hampshire because of over confidence and because he was too soft on Bush. He also complained about Bush’s tactics.

Senator BOB DOLE (R – Kansas): I think you’re saying a mean George Bush, you know you got to—you ought to just take a look at some of the things they’ve been doing and saying.

MYERS: Last night doles anger erupted when he encountered bush on NBC’s primary special.

BROKAW: That’s Senator Bob Dole who is standing by in his headquarters, anything you’d like to say to him at this point?

Vice Pres. BUSH: Well, just wish him well and meet him in the South

BROKAW: And Senator Dole is there any thing you’d like to say to the Vice President?

Sen. DOLE: Yeah, stop lying about my record.

MEYERS: Dole was upset about this commercial.

(Ad begins)

ANNOUNCER: George Bush is against an oil import tax; Bob Dole straddled but now says he’s for an oil import tax. George Bush says he won’t raise taxes period. Bob Dole straddled and he just won’t promise not to raise taxes, and you know what that means. [TEXT: He can’t say no.]

(Ad ends)

MYERS: In fact, dole does not advocate and oil import tax, but says he would support one. This is what Dole says about raising taxes.

Sen. DOLE: As president I will pledge to you now, I will veto any attempt, any attempt to increase personal or business income tax rates.

MEYERS: Notice that he said tax rates. Dole repeatedly has declined to promise never to raise any kind of taxes. And the Bush ad was no tougher than a Dole commercial attacking Bush’s leadership in which Bush fades from the screen.

MEYERS: Bush today stood by his ad, but declined to respond to Dole.

Vice Pres. BUSH: I wished him well and told him I’d meet him in the south, and we’ll be there, ready.

MYERS: Some of Doles advisors worry that last night was doubly damaging. They blew their chance to knock out Bush, and saw the old Bob Dole come into public view. Lisa Myers, NBC News, Washington.