Breaking News of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination

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Chet Huntley/Bill Ryan/Frank McGee/Charles Murphy
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On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. In this live report, NBC's Chet Huntley, Frank McGee, Bill Ryan and Charles Murphy inform the nation of President Kennedy?s tragic death.



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Breaking News of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination

BILL RYAN, reporting:

Vice President Lyndon Johnson has not been injured in this attack on President Kennedy and Texas Governor Connelly, the Vice President is somewhere in the same hospital where the President is being treated, Parkland Memorial in Dallas. It is reported he is badly shocked by the shooting the doctors are trying to keep him as quiet as possible and that he is under heavy secret service and police protection. It’s also noted that throughout the trip in Texas, when the President and the Vice President have been in the same motorcade, they have been kept in separate cars; a precaution against just such an attempt as it was obviously made today. Chet:

CHET HUNTLEY, reporting:

I referred a moment ago and read an excerpt from the speech, which President Kennedy delivered to a breakfast, crowd this morning, earlier. The breakfast crowd of 2200 people rose in ovation after the speech and a few minutes later the president said he felt like he did in France two years ago when he identified himself as the man who accompanied Mrs. Kennedy to Paris. You have anything else Frank?

FRANK McGEE, reporting:

Yes I was just, excuse me, just a moment John, there was just word from the hospital that they have dispatched a call for a neurosurgeon, which I understand would indicate that one of the two had been hit in the head, would it not?

RYAN: Either the head or possibly some spinal damage.

McGEE: I see.

RYAN: There is also this, understandably in a situation like this the information comes in fragments and comes from unexpected places and uncontrolled angles. Senator Ralph Yarborough, Texas Democrat who was in a nearby car when the attack took place on the President, said he saw the President’s lips moving at a normal rate of speed while Mr. Kennedy was being rushed to the hospital, how much it means we do not know.

McGEE: There is further word from the hospital, Bill that they are trying to make arrangements as quickly as they can for a press conference where as much actual and detailed information as they have can be disseminated.

RYAN: And there is word here, Frank that at least one neurosurgeon has arrived at the hospital. I should imagine in a case such as this that virtually every medical specialist of any sort and description and capability would be called into the hospital so that all medical treatment would be available to the President. Chet?

HUNTLEY: In this moment I would assume that the memory of every person listening at this moment would flashback to that day in April 1945 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt…

RYAN: Excuse me Chet, here is a flash from the Associated Press, Dateline, Dallas. Two priests who were with President Kennedy say he is dead of bullet wounds. There is no further confirmation but this is what we have on a flash basis from the Associated Press. Two priests in Dallas who were with President Kennedy say he is dead of bullet wounds. There is no further confirmation. This is the only word we have indicating that the President may in fact have lost his life, it has just moved on the Associated Press wires from Dallas. The two priests were called to the hospital to administer the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church and it is from them we get the word that the President has died, that the bullets wounds inflicted on him as he rode in a motorcade through Downtown Dallas have been fatal. We remind you there is no official confirmation of this from any source as yet,

McGEE: Bill, just a moment before you brought the flash, I had word from the hospital that the Vice President Lyndon Johnson and his wife had just left the hospital, been rushed away into a motorcade and departed.

RYAN: This Frank might--might be confirmation of the flash.

HUNTLEY: We must standby for confirmation. As Bill has emphasized this is rather sketchy information. We will stand by, we should have….

RYAN: Now, there apparently is word that this AP flash, this report from the two priests that the President has died of bullet wounds is confirmed. We will attempt now to get to station WBAP-TV in Fort Worth, Dallas for confirmation, we go to newsman Tom Murphy.

TOM MURPHY, reporting:

Substantiating this but not confirming it is a report about five minutes ago by the Dallas Police Department to all of its officers that the President had died. Some three to five minutes later the AP flash that two priests at the hospital say the President is dead. Charles Murphy, returning now to NBC in New York.