McCarthy Speaks at the 1952 Republican National Convention

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During an oration delivered at the 1952 Republican National Convention, Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the Truman administration of allowing Communism to spread through Europe.



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McCarthy Speaks at 1952 Republican National Convention

SENATOR MCCARTHY: As we approach the all important November elections, all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, must keep in mind all the facts as they are and not the facts as we would wish them to be. Even though those facts may be well at heart.

Fact number one, we are at war today, war in Korea, but the Korean War was merely a small phase of the great world war with the atheistic Communist.

Fact number two, for the past 7 years we have been losing that world war, at the rate of nearly one hundred million people a year. Not one hundred thousand, but losing nearly one hundred million people a year to atheistic Communist.

Fact number three, the day of July 9th 1952, the same man, the same men who delivered nearly half of the world to Communist Russia, are still in control in Washington. There has been no change; the same men are doing your planning. The same planners who were in control before 1945, 1945 when we were the most powerful nation on earth, 1945 when all we needed, all we needed was our unlimited military and economic power, with enough brains, enough honesty, enough loyalty to have restored a decent and peaceful world. But what happened, instead, instead we have allowed Communism to spread its dark shadow over half of Europe, and almost all of Asia, and for the first time, for the first time they are appearing on the pages of America’s history. Words such as “stalemate,” “retreat,” “compromise,” well Truman says, Truman says that the Democratic Party must run on its record. To that I say amen, so they must.

Now why ladies and gentlemen, why has this administration deliberately built up Russia, while tearing down the strength of America, I have been proving that this was because of a combination, a combination of abysmal stupidity and treason, and if I am wrong, if I am wrong, if no treason is involved, if the last traitor left, if the last traitor left is Alger Hiss, then the only answer, the only answer for our loss and for Russia’s gain, is that those in power are guilty of stumbling, fumbling incompetence.

But in either event, whether we are losing because of treason or because of stupidity, if America and her sons are to live, send that Yalta around, unintelligible and unintelligible must go my young friends. My good friends, I say one communist, one Communist the defense plants is one Communist too many.